Things on my to-do list that aren’t getting done.

But will get done. This is why I need to make a list! Accountability!

-Prepare our collection of comic books for sale.

-Make a list of tasks that women typically want men to do, and men typically want women to do (feel free to post your ideas in the comments)

-Clean the inside of my car. It is SO DISGUSTING and I’m losing my illusion that someone will detail it for me. (if you want to do this, I will make you supper!)

-Take out of season stuff out of the front entry and store it in the basement.

-Find the best way to organize our garbage/recycling/compost so that it’s accessible, out of the way of the car (I think I ran over something this morning) and somewhat city-animal-proof.

-Set up home sharing on iTunes

-Send love notes to all my crushes (That probably won’t happen)

On this day:

In 2007 – My first pregnancy-related food-aversion. I’m sorry Avocado!!!
In 2006 – Zombie-Ninja-Bison
In 2005 – turns out we never did any of it


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