I had such an instant, defensive reaction. I was sad and scared and I needed to not be touched.

I isolated myself and let myself just FEEL those emotions. I typically try not to. I try to just turn it around, or stuff it down. I don’t want to do that. It feels worse, in the long run.

So I made myself comfortable and let the feelings and thoughts go wherever they wanted to. It was okay. They weren’t hurting me, they were teaching me about the depths of my emotions. I cried deep sobs and I laughed silly laughs.

For some time I’ve been thinking that these feelings are a problem to be solved. What needs to happen to prevent them from arising? And the answer is nothing. Nothing needs to happen. I just need to feel and allow and communicate and then the feeling washes away like a low tide and maybe it comes back a little before receding again.

It’s all ok. I feel so good for letting myself just go with it.

On this day:

In 2012 – I didn’t realize that I had already started in on this a year ago!
In 2007 – the beginning of my life as an early riser
In 2006 – an excellent list of things I don’t like


3 Comments on “tides”

  1. we all need to feel the emotions, as bad as they may be! because in the end we will feel relieved and dont bottle it all up inside us (: not everything needs to be solved right away, sometimes we really do just have to flow our way through it, because we cant always solve everything

  2. t says:

    Oh this is goooood. yes. wisdom. yes.

    I recently described grief as “wavy” ~what you’ve written here explains how I’m processing it exactly.

    May I share?

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