Life list UPDATE!!!

I was going to wait until I had some great photos to post this, but it has become apparent that is just not happening so I might as well move on from my delusion.

In September I moved from the out-reachers of Orleans to a magic little nook where Little Italy, Hintonburg and Chinatown meet. HinChItaly, if you will. It’s so super great. It’s a beautiful row-house with a great property manager. I can not ask for a better location. We are walking distance from:

  • 3 great parks (with different water features each)
  • Art-Is-In bakery (dangerously close)
  • A pool/rec centre
  • More restaurants than I can handle
  • Bus stations
  • Farmer’s markets
  • Specialty food stores (fresh pasta/deli/produce etc)
  • A regular schedule of cultural programming

So not only do the kids and I get to do all kinds of awesome stuff, all super-close to home, I for the first time ever in my life, am living with a woman to whom I am not related. It’s super awesome. AND add on to that, Shawn is in the process of getting rid of his Hull apartment and is essentially living with us as well. We have a full and happy home. There are lots of benefits (like we all take turns making supper and cleaning up after) and there are some challenges (one bathroom) but so far, I think it’s going pretty well. I’m happy with this arrangement.

For the first month or so. I was super stressed out. It’s one thing to move by yourself but amalgamating the stuff of 3 adults is a difficult task. We aren’t done yet but we are at the point where I feel comfortable just hanging out at home. I don’t have the anxiety/stress of something that I have to do everywhere I look. I do however, feel like there is still a significant amount of organizing to get done (hence the no-pictures thing).

I guess if you are feeling sleuthy, you can piece together an idea of how our home is through the backgrounds of my instagram photos.

1. Move to a walkable neighbourhood

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