Learning skills that don’t pay the bills.

One day, not long after I moved here, Jeff came over and he brought over an extra camera and we set out on a walking adventure. My plan was to take him up to the roof of the War Museum as neither of us had been up there. It turns out, that was the least interesting part of our walk!

He let me use his macro lens and was teaching me about all the chicketies and doodads that make a good photo. It was really fun and it turns out we had been out walking for two hours. Our hang-outs typically consist of vegging out, so it was nice to spend time together in an entirely different context. Below are my favorite shots from the day. They are completely unedited.

This text was about 5mm tall.

new brunsuick



Jeff suggested that I focus on the face, but it was kind of turned under the body so I decided to focus on the wing.



So then I focused on this face. I’m not sure he was aware I was taking his photo.


This is my favorite shot of the set. This grasshopper was about an inch long.



I took a bunch of web-shots. This is a fruit fly!



I love the golden colour inside the cap of this acorn.


I hope we do this again. Maybe in the spring, or perhaps somewhere indoors over the winter.


On this day:

In 2012 – all of my fears
In 2007 – cheese and cable tv
In 2006 – before I had kids, my to-do lists were way better
In 2005 – death



3 Comments on “Learning skills that don’t pay the bills.”

  1. alyssacyr says:

    I love all of these, but especially the bee! so beautiful…

  2. Rachael says:


    When Ben and I were dating, he had one that I LOVED using. Then he broke it.

    End of good times.

    I should investigate and attempt to get one of those again…

  3. t says:

    oh what a treat- the bee wings expanded something inside– inspired.
    swoon over those wings! and the position- yes!

    like all of the shots- love being able to examine the grasshopper- but the bee has IT.

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