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It might surprise you, considering we are running a bookstore and all, that I don’t actually read books very often. I find reading to be very luxurious and indulgent. I am a busy person and I try to be very productive and often, when I get into relaxation mode, my brain is too fried to do more than watch episodes of Community.

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I went to a French Catholic school that was named for a woman who was sainted because she tricked indigenous children into attending school by giving them candy (at least, that’s the non-violent version we were taught). As you can imagine, what I learned about the indigenous people of this continent had a certain… point of view… and none of it related to the modern-day, or century. I’ve been following the news on the blockades on the east coast, and the Idle No More movement, but I still feel like I don’t really KNOW enough. Shawn, who has intimate knowledge of each and every book we have, was kind enough to provide me with a stack of literature and I chose three. I’ve already read half of one, which seems impressive but it’s only about 80 pages.

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I was spending time with Maëlys yesterday and a couple of days earlier, I was telling her about the Flavour Bible because it’s a really useful book to anyone interested in experimenting with cooking. I said I would lend it out. She arrived with a book for me that was very thoughtful and pertinent to my life and it was just so sweet.

So now I have 4 books on my reading list that I’m excited to read! I feel so motivated!

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One Comment on “Reading List”

  1. alyssacyr says:

    I went to catholic school as well… mine was built in the late 90’s and not named for a saint, but our lessons about indigenous peoples was pretty much that they are not relevant. So I find myself in the same boat as you.

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