On a sliver of land.

Through all the stress of moving, physical exhaustion, mental gymnastics, emotional re-adjustments, I was kind of forgetting about enjoying myself. Yesterevening and today I’ve been giving myself the luxury of doing things at my own pace, doing things for my benefit and enjoyment, and it’s great.

It’s like I’ve been swimming in a sand pit and I couldn’t see the edges of the hole I was in and it seemed endless and almost futile. But I gave myself the luxury for stopping for a moment and realized that I didn’t sink further into the sand pit if I paused in my efforts to get out. And in the pause, I was able to see that the edge of the pit was just beyond my reach and I was able to reach over and pull myself to the edge. And then I was able to push myself up on the heels of my hands and get a better overview of the pit and its immediate surroundings. And I could see a small sliver of land I could stand on and so I did. And I could see that there were a few more pits around, of various size, and with various expanses of land between them. I could see that I only stood on enough land for a short rest and that soon I’d have to hop into another pit, to learn it and figure out how to get out of the other side. And I understood that it would not take forever, there is land beyond it, and with it, possibility for a better view. I wonder, if while I’m in the pit, I’ll forget about the land. Maybe I will after some time, but I know I won’t forget it immediately, and that will grant me some motivation and stamina toward solving the problem of the pit.

On this day:

In 2007 – Art report
In 2006 – I got the wallet that I still use to this day.
In 2005 – babies and models


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