I need to go on a spending freeze.

I am living pay cheque to pay cheque right now and things like lawyer fees are being automatically charged to my credit card and I am not able to pay them off at the end of the month (I can make some payments – I just can’t keep up with them right now). I realize that these fees are soon to be coming to an end, which is great, but I still need to dig myself out of this debt-hole. There were also some bigger costs around moving that have eaten up my “buffer money”. Luckily, I already ordered the kids’ x-mas gifts online (they are the only people I buy for) and their snowsuits still fit so other than some winter boots, I shouldn’t have any extraordinary costs coming up for a while.
So I need to buckle down and go back to my thrifty ways which means the following:

  • plan meals and eat at home/pack lunches (couponing is not worth the time/effort for me)
  • don’t go out anywhere that charges a cover
  • hang out with people at home or at their homes
  • enter all kinds of giveaway contests (because somehow I have good luck at winning things when I’m strapped for cash) so we can do fun activities (museums, day trips etc) that typically have a cost associated to them
  • sell things I don’t use (this is difficult since I just moved and already purged so much stuff – I’ll double-check though)
  • do all those cost-saving things around the house like turning off lights and only doing the laundry during off-peak times

Things I’m looking forward to:

  • no longer having lawyer fees piling up so I can just work on paying them off
  • my car being paid off so I can divert those payments to the lawyer fees mentioned above
  • housewarming party! (because fun is important)
  • carving pumpkins for Halloween

on this day:

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