I had borrowed Jon’s carving knives to try my hand at wood carving. I really liked it but since I gashed open my finger, I figured lessons on how to properly use tools would be a good idea.

I started taking wood carving lessons out of Shenkman Arts Centre, just over a year ago. I really loved my time with this course. There were three students (me, Shawn, and Alfredo) and our teacher (Jim Lawrence) was super chill and all about letting us creatively explore this medium. We would work, and chat, and look at each others’ stuff, eat snacks and listen to music. I worked on two projects throughout these workshops. I haven’t finished either of them, but I’ve progressed far enough along that I feel like I Have Learned To Carve Wood!

The first one I started was a bee on a honeycomb. I really liked deciding on something beforehand, and planning out the best way to execute it as a sculpture. When all that was left to do was find some other materials to add for wings, antennae and legs, I decided to start on my second piece.


This one was inspired by a fabric print I saw. I decided to take that motif and pop it out, give it some more dimension and do a stylized landscape.


Q – Why are neither of these finished?

A – Because my course ended and I didn’t allot myself the time to finish them. I had set up a workspace in my basement and you know what? I didn’t like it? I don’t like hiding out in a dark basement to do art. It makes me unhappy. I think I can find a corner of the kids’ playroom, or set up space in our ‘den’ upstairs to work on these now and then. Seeing them again makes me want to work on them some more.

3. Learn to carve.

On this day:

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One Comment on “Pining”

  1. alyssacyr says:

    I absolutely love both of these, but especially the honeycomb.

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