Get Guerilla

I got some free tomato plants. Too many to carry around on the bus. I gave some away and kept one, but I knew I would soon be moving.

I was walking around doing my stuff near my soon-to-be-new-to-me-neighbourhood and we (my secret assistant and I) found such a perfect spot to plant it! I figured that in this space, it would either be ripped out right away or would look like it was intentionally planted and left to grow. I went by a few weeks later and it was still there with little baby tomatoes on it!



I plan to go by again in the next few days to see if there’s anything to harvest.

7. Do some guerilla gardening


On this day:

In 2012 – good lord
In 2008 – TO BITS!!!
In 2007 – feminism and sports
In 2006 – male privilege and soup



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