I am so excited!!!


I am moving in two weeks. I am so exctied I don’t know what to do with myself. I have been in the suburbs for so long and it’s SO NOT ME and I have found it to be extremely stifling and in two weeks I get to return to a life where I am part of a local community and can get around and go to actual places that matter to me and be close to people that matter to me.

I feel like this is a HUGE MASSIVE step in the direction of getting back the me that has turned into nothing but the memory of a shadow.

As a result of this move, and a few other things, I will soon be making a series of posts about having accomplished some of my Life List items. After that, I will need to re-evaluate and assess what is still important to me, what to add to the list, and what I may want to remove.

I am a ball of happy energy lately.

On this day:

In 2009 – vacation illness
In 2007 – oh I super miss hangouts at this cottage 😦
In 2006 – butt-kicking!
In 2005 – lovin’ on the inter-tubes


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