So Brent and his fiancé broke up just over a week ago. Today, he asked me if I’d consider reconciling.




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  1. Jeff says:

    Part of me is also baffled, but when I look at his history and his character, asking to reconcile makes a lot of sense.

    He can’t be alone, cause he needs someone to adore him to feel any sense of worth. At the same time, it shows that he simply doesn’t understand all the wrong that he’s done.

    How did you respond?

    • Tiana says:

      “Let’s just go ahead with the divorce. Nothing has happened to indicate to me that getting back together would be a good idea.”

      • Jeff says:

        I’d love to ask him why he asked. What his explanation is from his point of view. If you logically put it as “We divorced for these reasons and none of them have changed, why do you think we would get back together?”, what do you think he would say?

        • Tiana says:

          I have no idea what he would say! If he ever brings it up again ill be sure to ask. In the past, when he’s asked me to reconcile (probably 8 times, in regular intervals, throughout the last year) he’s been all “I DON’T WANT TO I WAS JUST MAKING SURE YOU DON’T WANT TO!”

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