Into the woods

We had decided to go frolick in the woods for Canada day. We were deciding between the covered bridge of Wakefield, Lac Philippe and Meech Lake and settled on the latter.

The drive was surprisingly short. The beaches there are kind of lackluster and we didn’t see any good spots to install ourselves outside of the designated areas. A quick look at the map showed some bodies of water within a 3km track so we gave that a go. The first was a swamp, and so were the next two! so 3km back we went and three hours went by so quickly. It was actually a very nice hike. The scenery was quite varied, there was a good mix of terrain and we found some really beautiful spots to stop and appreciate nature.



We had a picnic at the boat launch and listened to couple get frustrated with each other and rooted for small children taking a stand and refusing to get on boats. Then we walked over to the nearest ‘beack’ which was basically just a lawn next to the water. We chatted and napped and ate. Eventually some of us played in the water.

Now I’m on the hunt for the ultimate swimming spot. I’m not looking for a public beach but rather something with some woods and some water, even a little river or something. So a bit more of a private hangout to enjoy nature with friends. Got any leads?

Check out a lake monster here. (I tried embedding it but there was a Vine Fail)

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