This is about the things I do that make me happy.

You know who makes the best jokes? Me. I laugh at my own jokes and no one else does and that’s hilarious to me. I’m totally content with my inner-comedian. I please myself.

I’m also really good at reading Shakespeare aloud and it sounding good. At least I was in high school. I haven’t done it lately. I think I just got my next party idea. AWWW YEAH!

I am good at hosting interesting parties with solid themes.

I like to give gifts but only when I don’t have to and only when I’m completely struck with an idea of “wow so and so would totally love/benefit from/be surprised by this”. If I don’t give you a gift at a time you might expect one, it’s because I haven’t thought of or found anything that is good enough for you. Don’t be bummed. I’m good at giving good and thoughtful gifts.

What do you do that makes you happy?


On this day:

In 2012 – I started my life list and things with Brent were in an interesting place (recently unlocked entry)
In 2010 – Jizzy yogurt
In 2009 – Rubella
In 2008 – look at my sausage fingers!
In 2007 – best sports cheers by non-sports-fans
In 2006 – randoms


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