Playing for keeps.

One day, Shawn and Jeff played magic during all of the daylight hours. During that time, they decided to place a wager. Shawn wagered my copy of The Best of Bill Whithers AND LOST IT. Next time the three of us were together again, we played and Shawn won it back.

Thus the beginning of playing Magic for stuff/services etc. It was in this way, that we got Jeff to come to a Catan, Catan, Strip Catan party. I find the process of wagering t be one of the best parts of the game.

A week ago, I hosted a Community Cooking Party at my place. Everyone brought some food to share and we made a bunch of vegetable pot pies, sat down to eat a meal that every single person took a part in cooking and then had a massive game of Bananagrams. Each person offered up something as a wager. The first person to finish, could choose their prize first  and the last person to finish, got whatever was left at the end.

winner/prize/who offered the prize

Shawn/a pedicure/Gen
Randi/drawing of winner/Shawn
Jeff /the best poem ever/ Natalina
Tiana /photo of winner/Jeff
Natalina / a dozen cookies/ Randi
Gen/a manicure / Tiana

What I really loved about this, is that everyone offered up something they were happy to give and it gave people an opportunity to interact with each other beyond the game and beyond the party, in a way they likely would not have.

Later, Gen, Jeff, Shawn and I played Taboo for wagers as well. I already like playing this game. I get buzzer happy. It probably annoying for everyone else.

My winnings so far:

-treats from Jeff
-treats from Gen
-a photo portrait by Jeff
-a special surprise date planned entirely by Shawn
-a culinary experience by Shawn
-a bunch of shows on a USB from Jeff
-a playlist from Jeff
-a personal exploration of wants from Shawn
-a conceptual tattoo sketch by Shawn
My losses so far:

-cook a meal of Shawn’s choosing, including $20 worth of ingredients
-30 minute massage (for Shawn)
-30 minutes of doing dishes (for Shawn)
-a manicure (for Gen)
-I need to get out of the banking system as much as possible

I like to plan about one party/event per month and was thinking of doing a clothing swap for my next one. I’m having a hard time finding the right location. Maybe instead, I’ll plan a big game party where everyone needs to place wagers for things we can do for each other. How fun and friendly!

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