The complexities of being the only adult in the household.

I’ve been living as a single parent with shared custody since last September. I thought it would be way more taxing than it has turned out to be. It was a rough-go at the start. The kids and I were adjusting and it took about a month for use to hit our stride and to sort out what we needed and didn’t as far as help from family, friends and loved ones.

As it turns out, things aren’t all that different than living in my married household. It’s a bit messier at times, and other times not. I have a good circulation of friends and family and special people to spend time with and so I’m rarely lonely. I’ve really learned to care deeply for those in my life and have benefited from knowing lots of great people that give as much as they take. Our relationships are mutually beneficial.

Last night I was thinking to myself that life is good and really the only fear I have about being the only adult living there is something along the lines of:

OMG if my cat dies, I’m going to have to touch it.

But really, Shawn is over quite a bit and there are a number of people I can call to come over to deal with a dead cat right? I’m feeling weird that this is the kind of thing that worries me.


On this day:

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3 Comments on “The complexities of being the only adult in the household.”

  1. Ms. Lia says:

    I lived alone for about six years and my biggest issue about the whole thing was sick or dead pets. Other than that I found it totally fine. Granted, I wasn’t a parent but I love that I had great pals to count on if I felt alone and also could afford to give myself solitude when I needed to recharge. For the first 2 years that Aaron was here I was going a bit nuts to be honest – but now that he’s working and out of the house at different times that I am it’s totally great.

    I think I shall always be a sociable hermit. Viva la living aloneness!

  2. KG says:

    You put it in its favourite blanket/old towel and put it in a rubbermaid or another type of box. Bring them to the vet and they take care of it. I had to do it once. Saddest day of my life.

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