soap box

The people closer to me in life have been bringing up some themes and they’ve been on my mind.


It’s pretty much all the same thing. I find a lot of people (I’m not excluding myself), see being dependent (not in an unhealthy “I can’t do anything for myself ever” kind of way) or expressing needs as weak, as failing, as something to be embarrassed about. And so, people try to be everything and do everything for themselves. I think that’s where loneliness comes from and I think that’s why so many people are walking around being super guarded all the time.

I think people are not really all that individual. We all define ourselves in relation to others. We are all one big mass of the same thing.

I know I feel best when I know that the people close to me are there for me, will help me with their strengths in the areas that I am weak, will come to me with (reasonable) requests to share my own strengths.

It’s scary to be open and to let down your guard but that’s how you make meaningful connections with people.  It is SO HARD to do but it is SO REWARDING when it works.

So hug that person you just met, ask your lover to help you with something you just can’t wrap your head around, call up your friend and offer to help them with what you can. This is making a good world. This is creating a community of love and sharing right where you are.


On this day:

In 2008 – pregnancy!
In 2007 – privilege check
In 2006 – panties
In 2005 – party

Those all start with P


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