important meetings and webstores

I am a ball of nervous excitement today!

This afternoon, Shawn is going to be meeting with some cafe owners about a potential cafe/bookstore space-sharing partnership and I’m both disappointed and kind of glad that I’m unable to attend. The downer part is that I’ve put a lot of energy into this and I want to be there for what is sure to be a huge milestone (regardless of how it works out). The glad part is that I’m not exactly awesome at This Kind Of Thing, so it’s probably better than Shawn, who is totally awesome at This Kind Of Thing, be totally the face of it for now.

But I really do want to meet these people. I’m just not good with Official Proposals. But we have been working on our business plan and that is becoming super awesome. I’ve been trying to set up the web-store but have been having a series of problems with our chosen host. I’m looking for alternatives that can let us have thousands of online products for under $100/month. If you have suggestions – hit me (I’ve already evaluated Wix, Goodsie and Shopify).


One Comment on “important meetings and webstores”

  1. Ms. Lia says:

    Hey – my sister has set up a bunch of online stores and is currently building her own. I asked her your question about hosting and here’s what she had to say:


    These are two we were looking at. They also require a hosting company because they are 1 time purchases to more of a CMS type store (compared to shopify or bigcartel that charge montly).


    * friends use this in their web development jobs but I haven’t yet…

    (2) +

    * expression engine is a very good CMS. You buy it once per website. It has an add-on for an online store called “store”. It just came out but we might purchase this and try for a friend. Expression engine is kind of like mini drupal.

    Both these require using a hosting company. I recommend webfaction who are awesome. Here’s my referral:

    We’re going to try and build a full website + online store using expression engine + store for our next web development project so I’ll let you know how it goes.

    I also don’t think anything decent that includes hosting (ie: Shopify) will let you have 1000 products for cheap, but possibly purchasing something like Lemonstand would work + paying for a host. Webfaction is $85 a year. And then the 1 time Lemonstand fee…

    Hope that helps!

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