This is about bras

A couple of days ago I bout some new bras. I haven’t gotten any new ones in about a year.

I got unlined and mostly sheer ones. This is such a departure from the usual extreme push-ups I get. I don’t get them to add size, I just wanted lots of lift. You know, to recapture my youth.

I am SO happy with these new bras. I’m super comfortable and my boobs feel like boobs and not a couple of semi-hard turtle shells.

On this day:

In 2008 – I’m annoyed by both of these posts
In 2007 – Getting a new house would be so cool
In 2005 – Sometimes it’s like I’m the only person who isn’t weird.


4 Comments on “This is about bras”

  1. that’s funny now that i got three new bras yesterday. i had ONE that sort of fit when i went to Indiana in 2008 to visit those blogger girls, i got it there at Victoria Secret. i had been measured at the bay so my sizing wasn’t as off as it is if you get it done at VS or LaZenza. i always bought either 32C or 34B and sometimes a 32B but those are so hard to find here. finally went to the European place with proper sizing and now im 30B or C, – got two 30C and one 30B. happy boobs.

    you are totally welcome for this magnificent bra story.

  2. […] they are even softer than they were after having Bobby. At first, I was back to the push-ups but now I’m really into thin fabric bras, or none at all. I love the shape of my breasts and I’m not ashamed to show them, or the […]

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