Acts I want to catch at Bluesfest.

!=for sure

?=not really sure – am I too old for this? – do I REALLY like anything they do?

+/-=if I’m don’t have anything else awesome to do

Bjork !

Weezer  !

Fun +/-

Neko Case ?

Tegan and Sarah +/-

Wu-tang Clan ?

Stars +/-

She and Him !!!!!!!!!

Belle and Sebastian +/-

Cold Specs ?

full lineup

On this day:

In 2010 – my house frau
In 2008 – my trip to Rome
In 2007 – recipes
In 2006 – randoms
In 2005 – what your screen name says about you, according to me

3 Comments on “Acts I want to catch at Bluesfest.”

  1. before i freak out over the ? next to Neko, have you seen her live before? if yes then that ? is ok. if not, then you have to see her. her live is just, you don’t want to miss it. and i’ve seen her both in outdoor multiple player shows and sit down. BOTH are fantastic.

  2. ok, that’s why you think you might not like her then, she is completely different when she isn’t with them. maybe i’ll make you a list of some of my favourite songs by her. i’ll pop it on the internet somewhere for you. Soundcloud or Grooveshark or maybe i’ll get fancy and dropbox it. 🙂

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