book store and nudie pics

Oh did I forget to blog? Yipes!

The truth is my head has been totally wrapped around some other things. I’ve been busier at work, my kids are super adorable and we’ve been having a blast together, I just celebrated a double birthday and I’ve been putting a lot of thought and time (and way more still to come) into a fun project called hibou castor. (say it out loud in English – you’ll get it). It’s still a work in progress but please do check it out and give me feedback!

Along with all this I’ve still been doing some modelling for life drawing workshops. Below are some snapshots I took of works being done at a session I worked just before my tubal ligation.

These are by an artist whose name I didn’t catch.

By someone I didn't meet

By someone I didn't meet

By someone I didn't meet

This one is by Shawn Philip HUnsdale.

By Shawn Philip Hunsdale

This one is by Charlene Lau Ahier.

By Charlene Lau Ahier

The last three images all featured the same pose.

If I had been asked, a year ago, about being a life model, I would have thought that to be ridiculous. But it turns out I really enjoy it and I think I’m pretty good at it. I want to be even better though. I’ve gotten good feedback about ways to improve and should I get another opportunity, I will put it into practice.

On this day:

In 2008 – oh this makes me laugh!
In 2007 – A pictorial retelling of a trip to visit my sister and my budding feminism (actually my budding AWARENESS of feminism – it’s totally different)
In 2006 – Pie Day?

One Comment on “book store and nudie pics”

  1. Wowza, all the art is amazing but that last one is hauntingly beautiful.

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