Polarization of emotions

Jeff and I talk about a lot of stuff. Usually it has something to do with personal development, self-love, self-awareness and interpersonal relationships. We are both very different but I think we connect well because we are both open to learning about how the other works without feeling the need to change it or to apply it to ourselves.

A while ago, I was talking about how it really takes a lot to get me angry. It’s not something I feel very often. He then asked me something along the lines of “If you can’t feel angry, how can you feel love?” I didn’t know how to answer and I told him I would have to think on it.

And then I forgot all about it until I told Shawn about this conversation. And I’ve thought about it here and there. I think that in general, I’m very patient and tolerating of people. The things that get me really angry tend to be situations of abuse or injustice, not just things I consider to be annoyances or inconveniences.

I know I do feel great love and great joy and that feeling those things, openly and unabashedly has been, and continues to be, a long and sometimes painful process. I think getting in touch with how to feel the positives is also opening me up to feeling the negatives (as far as polarization of emotions go). But I do think that my (mostly) easy going nature precludes me from feeling these things very often.

Does this even answer the question?


On this day:

In 2012 – this year’s list is fairly similar (minus the crockpot – and at different clothing retailers)
In 2011 – pregnancy photo shoot!!!!
In 2008 – bleck yuck
In 2007 – I love pilates – that is all
In 2006 – PEPPY!
In 2005 – dreams and actresses and hair colouring


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