Tubal Ligation – Part Two – The Surgery

The night before the surgery, I had to take a thorough shower and ensure that I stopped eating at midnight. Shawn and I went out for Moroccan and ate a wonderful meal and then he made me a snack at 11:45 so I wouldn’t be incapacitated by hunger before my surgery.

I had to take another shower right before leaving for the hospital. I took two buses to get there. I wouldn’t to be allowed to drive for 24 hours after surgery so a leisurely bus trip was in store for me. I left with my phone, my bus pass and my health card.

I lost my health card somewhere between Shawn’s house and the hospital. It needs to be renewed next month and I hope this loss doesn’t complicate that process. Luckily, I didn’t actually need it at the hospital as I had already given them that info. However, had I known I didn’t need it, I wouldn’t have lost it.

I registered and dressed myself in the finest gown and housecoat the hospital has to offer. I kept on my green wool socks and put on blue paper slippers. It was then that I was escorted to my accommodations. Bed 13 of the Day Surgery section.

I chatted with friends on Facebook and Twitter, I answered questions about the state of my health, I read a poorly written book about what could be an interesting topic and I tried to ignore getting nervous. Eventually someone came to wheel me towards the operating room. We passed the employee potluck. It smelled so great. I was ravenous. I was left in a spot in the hallway just outside of the OR. This is when I was getting super nervous. The idea of my body being sliced into was no sitting well with me, but I was right next to a window so I tried to calm myself by looking at snow. My hand got IV’d and having that in was kind of painful. After having more people come ask me health questions and waiting about 45 minutes, I went into the OR.

I scooted from my bed the the operating table and my arms were strapped to little planks which made me feel like a reclining crucifix. I started receiving fluids and was chatting with my Dr. while the sedatives were administered. She said I was on my way to a lovely trip to Morrocco and that it would be short, so I should head straight to the in-pool bar. I said “Have fun in my abdomen while I’m gone!” and the next thing I remember is the sound of my crying.

I was on my back and super sore and sobbing. I asked if I could turn over and the nurse asked if I normally sleep on my back. I said yes and turned on my side. I’m not sure if she turned me or if I did it. I told her I liked her a lot. I have no visual recollection of any of this, only what I heard. Then I slept for a bit. Shortly after, I woke up again and the nurse was nearby. She asked about my pain and gave my fentanyl and something else. The fentanyl made my body itchy all over but was great for the pain. It filled my heart with love. Really it did. I wondered if it was similar to meth maybe, because of the itchiness.  When I was a bit more with-it, I asked the nurse how long I had been there before waking up. She told me I was wide awake when they wheeled me in! I told her that I did actually like her quite a bit, I didn’t like all of the nurses so she could be sure I was being honest. We got to talking about how some patients can be very mean and that it’s hard for her not to take it personally so it’s nice for her to hear sweet words. She is soon retiring. Her name is Judy so I suggested she listen to Belle and Sebatian’s Judy and the Dream of Horses because it’s a lovely song, like her. She wrote it down and wheeled me into the other recovery room, which was precisely the spot in which I started.

Tiana Dargent
11 December near Nepean via Mobile
I’m now in the recovery room and on all kinds of fun meds. I’m telling all the nurses I love them.


Tiana Dargent
11 December near Nepean via Mobile
I could really go for some tacos. I’m starving and the nurses are lunching right next to me!

I was given marble cheddar cheese and two packets of saltines along with some apple juice. I chatted more on facebook and twitter and read more of that awful book. I was checked on frequently and I accepted any medication that was offered.

After about an hour of resting, I was brought a bowl of hot water, a bit of soap, a facecloth and a towel so I could clean myself up and get back in my clothes. I sat right up and the nurses looked at me with horror. Apparently I was ‘as white as a sheet’. I rested for a few more minutes on my pillow and then slowly and deliberately set to my task.  My belly was really swollen and reminded me of how it looked just after giving birth. My abdomen was painted pink and my crotch was yellow with iodine. I couldn’t get it all off, even after what seemed like an eternity of trying. I had a bandage over each of my incisions (navel and pubic bone) that I had to keep on until the next day. Eventually I was moderately clean and dressed. A nurse helped me with my boots and brought me an easy chair. I had to be able to sit in it for 30 minutes without fainting or puking before I could leave. I had more apple juice.

At that point, my mom arrived to drive me home to Shawn’s. She wheeled me up to her car and poured me in. We went to the pharmacy so I could get my prescription for hydromorphone. I slept in the car while my mom got it. She had to provide identification and sign something. Apparently it’s a controlled substance and the whole process tok half an hour. Then she drove me to Shawn’s. She had never been so I was the navigator. In my delirium, it went pretty well. We both got there alive.

I had to go up a flight of stairs to get to Shawn’s place. He wasn’t yet home so my mom stood behind me to make sure I didn’t fall. I was on so many painkillers though, I’m sure I wouldn’t have felt a thing. But I wasn’t really steady on my feet. We got inside and she helped me take off my boots and then she left. I was surprised she didn’t stay with me, at least to see me to bed, until I learned later on that she was so sick herself that to this day she has no recollection of any of this.

I took my pills and some water with me and cozied up in bed. A little later I remembered I was hungry and that there was an apple in the kitchen. I braced myself against the wall and somehow made it there and back. I was all cozy and relaxing when Shawn got home not much later. He checked on me, asked me what things I needed and scooted out to the store for foods and juices. I don’t remember too much else from that evening. I know we ate chicken pot pie and other things, but I don’t remember what. I know he helped me get to the washroom once or twice and kept me company. It’s possible we watched some videos. He timed my medication. I’m pretty hazy on the first night to be honest. Maybe he will enlighten us!

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  1. alyssacyr says:

    wooooow crazy! thanks for sharing! I liked the part about Nurse Judy.

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