Tubal Ligation – Part 1 of 3 – The Celebration

I love having parties. I love having parties with an interesting and unusual theme. Since I was going to be having a tubal ligation on December 11th, and I wanted to have a non-Christmas related party, I decided to celebrate my upcoming surgery. The theme was really more broad though.

Speaking of Broads!
Photo by Jonathan Rausseo

This was the end of me being a fertile woman. I wanted to fully embody my fertile self while I still could. I also wanted to have reproductive choice and health, safe sex and education as an undercurrent to the evening.

I collected male and female condoms, dental dams, lube, pamphlets from Planned Parenthood and a zine called “Ask Me About My Tubal Ligation” to have at everyone’s disposal.
safe sex and sushi condiments
Photo by Jonathan Rausseo

Diana and I prepared sushi and I also served some soft cheeses and much alcohol. Other guests brought some foods as well. The ones I provided were specifically things that pregnant women ‘should not’ consume.
Photo by Jonathan Rausseo

Shawn and I organized a fun way to distribute prizes. I bought some almonds in their shells. Each guest received four nuts with their initials on them upon arrival. I was able to award discretionary nuts for things such as arriving in costume. My fairness was severely (and justly) criticized. I blame the booze. All the prizes were arranged on the table and there was a descriptive note for each item (A phallic piece of blown glass, a mystery bag containing something round, a wonderful Italian book with marvelous illustrations of sex and intimacy, a piece of art, a voucher for a free boudoir drawing, a dental dam with lube and a condom, a chocolate vulva with scissors, tea which is good for uterine health). Each prize was associated with a cup and guests were encourage to “sew their seed” for a chance to reap the reward. Throughout the evening, Shawn would ask trivia questions with relation to reproduction and sex. A correct answer would be awarded with an extra nut. Guests could also strike deals of any nature to exchange nuts before placing them in the cups of their choosing. The draw was held when the first guest was about to leave.

Shawn also brought his face paint. I was so happy with his interpretation of me. I really and truly felt so awesome looking like this. I made my own crown and wore my most comfortable dress.

my face paint

Photo by Jonathan Rausseo

Almost everyone had paint done, either on their face or arm. I painted both Shawn and Jon’s faces. It was super fun. I need more reasons to go around with face paint on.

Shawn painting me

Photo by Geneviève Quesnel

Shawn Painting Laura

Photo by Jonathan Rausseo

Photo by Jonathan Rausseo

I love having a certain component of parties be planned activities. That way if there is a bit of a lull, everyone can be brought together on something. i was happy that Paul arrived with a felted female reproductive system complete with skull pins and we played “scalpel the Fallopian tube”. I think only two people were successful and were thus awarded extra nuts.

The next day, I was asked about my favorite part of the party. It was probably the first two hours. I was so joyous! Everyone there at the time got along super well to the point that I didn’t feel needed by anyone to keep them entertained and happy. I floated among different conversations, I prepared food, I drank, I danced and sang along to my favorite songs, I ate and I laughed and laughed.


Photo by Jonathan Rausseo

laughing some more

Photo by Jonathan Rausseo

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8 Comments on “Tubal Ligation – Part 1 of 3 – The Celebration”

  1. eclecticlamb says:

    Such a unique and wonderful celebration! Thanks for sharing.

  2. alyssacyr says:

    this sounds amazing! I love “scalpel the fallopian tube”.

  3. T says:

    I looked into how much it would cost for a tubal ligation in the states…around $6,000 even in the lowest income area hospitals, even through planned parenthood.

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  5. TH says:

    looking at this again and marveling and the fantastic celebration ~

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