I’ve been up since five in the morning.

Both the kids were in my bed, scraping me with their toes, telling me they wanted crackers, asking me to go fetch them things.

I said I wouldn’t do any of it until my alarm went off at six thirty.

We tumbled around in a heap of snuggles, hugs, and pointy bits. We told each other the ‘I love you forever’ but from the book.

We got all kinds of love into our day before it was even meant to start. And there was no stress to get out the door in the morning. I need to remember this in the future. They won’t always be interrupting my sleep so I need to take that time as a gift instead of grouching my way through it.

On this day

In 2009 – going on a date with my father in law (p.s. I love going to this kind of gala stuff. Invite me!)
In 2007 – hahaha! I was such a fool! The next time I felt great was after giving birth.
In 2006 –
In 2005 – The story of how I met Brent and the first instance of my party lootbag tradition


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