Making it better

I recently wrote a post about my favorite spot in my house.  After writing it, and putting the kids to bed that evening, I decided to fix up some of the things that had been bothering me.

The kitchen/dining area was totally fine. This is what it looks like;

The craft area for the kids was a total mess. Everything was spilling out onto the floor or the table. My goal was for everything to be accessible to them so they could spontaneously be artistic but it was turning into a big heap. It wasn’t set up for effective clean-up. So I moved a couple of things around, put like items together in containers and this is what I now have.

It has yet to be kid-tested but I think this will do better than the previous attempt which had the easel perpendicular to the window and the table by the stairs and none of those white bins.

I also did a bit of stuff in the basement, which I did not photograph.  I moved my drafting table out from the crawl space and tucked it behind one of the sofas. I want to set it up as a carving station. I still need to figure out how to cover my table so I don’t gouge the borco but for that cover to be easily removable in case I want to use my table for it’s intended purpose.

The white bins from the craft area were taken from the play area in the basement. I replaced them with a wire drawer system I had which holds more of the toys and takes up less floor space than various bins. I also moved around some of the play furniture.

I want to get some more stuff up on the walls in the basement but I don’t have anything to put up right now. The only thing I have up at the moment is my print of Lydia by Audrey Kawasaki. I have to figure something out. It’s bothering me.

On this day:

In 2007 – Turns out we stayed home and made Bobby. I still have the dress.
In 2005 – Apparently, I was lookin’ so good!


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