My favorite spot

My house is slowly but surely getting ‘done’. The area that I’ve put the most thought into has been the main floor that has the kitchen /dining / sitting area. I spend the most awake time there and it’s the area guests see the most.

The kitchen is open to the entire space so my work there is to just keep it as clean as possible, which can be a challenge. It has this big piece of counter with no overheads that divides it from the rest of the space and I tend to use it as a drop-off zone for all kinds of stuff.

The dining area is simple. Big teak table, simple pendant fixture and this wonderful shot Jeff took of me (with peas up my nose) for one of his projects.

I had set up a craft corner for the kids. I need to re-work this because it is a hideous mess. I want it to be accessible to them but also easy to tidy.

But this part, it is my favorite. I love the look of it, day and night. I like to sit in a side chair to read. I like to have friends over and play a board game at the coffee table. If I ever get the internet I’d like to sit by the window internetting.

It is the most ‘me’ spot in the house.

I think once I work on my bedroom and basement a bit more, they could be contenders. In reality, I want every space that isn’t dedicated to my kids to be super awesome and make me want to spend lots of time there.

What makes your favorite space in your home?

On this day:

In 2011 – My kids are so cute. Holy shit.
In 2010 – I want to read more books but not necessarily the ones on this list.
In 2009 – My currency is time
In 2007 – Black comedies
In 2005 – I still like this idea but for a smaller scale event.


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