I need to want less.

I’m going through a super strong WANTS phase. This usually happens with the changing of seasons and also when I’m really trying to not spend.

I have good self control when it comes to spending on STUFF (clothes, books, decor etc). My weakness in spending is on food. I like the fancier items like a great cheese in lieu of a brick of Kraft for instance. I like to eat out for lunch. I prefer fresh produce to frozen or canned. That kind of stuff.

I have a strict budget in place so I can do things like pay my rent and bills and debt and feed my kids. I am good at sticking to this but it doesn’t make me WANT things any less. Here I’m going to list the things I’m really wanting lately in an attempt to just put it out there and let it go. I don’t like having this greed and consumerism simmering within me.

-A set of decent quality carving gouges and chisels along with a sharpening kit (tools, sharpening)
-A pair of fall shoes that won’t show my socks but that aren’t boots (1, 2)
-New undergarments (sometimes a lady just needs some new things to feel all sexymaphone)
-A new tattoo (sometimes a lady just needs to permanently etch her body with some cool stuff)
-A few nice snuggly blankets for various spots in my house (like so)
-Some knee socks because it’s getting clod out and they are fun
-Some leggings because I think I lost mine in my move

[EDITED TO ADD] Bitch Magazine – I love it.

So nothing is anything I really NEED. What I need is to let go of my desire to HAVE.

On this day:
In 2009 – …
In 2007 – I have excellent vision but I want glasses for the fashion of it
In 2006 – On whose terms are you living?
In 2005 – ” my biggest concern was finding self-conscious looking boys who would give me cigarettes”


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