Me Time

I moved into my new place just a month ago. I have really really enjoyed it. I have decorated it in the way that I like (still some to do though) and I find all the spaces comfortable and suitable to my life.

This last Saturday I invited old and new friends over for a housewarming party. There was music and food and imbibing and laughter. My stomach hurt for two days after from laughing so much. I decided the house tour should become a haunted house tour so I did a lot of yelling and spooky noises and flashing the lights. I found it hilarious. I’m not sure anyone else did. I REALLY like my own comedy.

Since I’ve moved I really haven’t had much alone time and I’m starting to feel the need for it. It’s difficult because I’m really enjoying all my not-alone time so I need to find a good way to balance that without necessarily giving up some other enriching aspect of my life. I think now that there is less “to-do” stuff around my house, I’ll be able to fit in my solo quality time. Somehow unpacking and organizing my stuff doesn’t quite fit that bill.

How much alone time do you need?

On this day:

In 2005 – Where the pumpkin carving thing really started


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