Life list – some things have taken place

Many things have changed in my life over the last couple of months. And some of these have touched on my life-list, mostly for better but some for worse.

  1. Move to a walkable neighbourhood – I have moved! To a LESS walkable neighbourhood. *sadface* This was kind of the best option for where I am right now, which is separated with one kid in a great daycare and another already starting school and nervous about change. I have signed a one year lease so in about 10 months I’ll be re-evaluating this particular situation.
  2. Make positive changes in my current neighbourhood – Yesterday I received a letter from the president of our development. Said person has apparently gone rogue. It’s all very dramatic. I’m not sure I want to get too involved in this neighbourhood.
  3. Learn to carve – I am doing this!!! I’ve attended two classes already and have started a small project and am working on ideas for a bigger project. I will make a more detailed post about this once I have actually finished something but I really REALLY love it.
  4. Learn to be present in my body (dance?) – After carving is done in December I plan to start going to a dance class that runs at the same time. I’m pretty nervous about it but it is a challenge I want to take.
  5. Travel across Canada (been right, now go left)
  6. Have the perfect space for the perfect outdoor hammock and use it regularly
  7. Do some guerilla gardening
  8. Have my forearm tattooed
  9. Skinny dip somewhere other than my back yard
  10. Take a relaxing trip to a hot place
  11. Hole up in a snow-covered cabin
  12. Get rid of my car (and it not be a problem)
  13. Help someone else accomplish a life list item – Who needs me for this?
  14. Allow myself to be reckless
  15. Get rid of cable I did it when moving and I don’t miss it. I don’t even have internet yet but I think I will cave on that within a couple of months. There are shows I’m interested in following but they aren’t going anywhere.
  16. Read and appreciate some good poetry
  17. Have better posture – This I am working on. I’m trying to be more aware of my body and what it is doing and WHY it is doing it. This is going to be a long-term thing I think.
  18. Go canoeing
  19. Take more self-portraits with my real camera – I have started doing this! I’m working on a little personal project. I’m not sure anyone else will ever see it and that’s just fine. I have a bunch of images and I want to work on them in Photoshop until I solidify the concept a bit more. At that point I think I’ll start taking more pictures to push it a little further.

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