Doing fun things I used to do.

I forgot about giant leaf piles. I’ve lived with dogs for so long that making a leaf pile in our yard and actually jumping in it was a thing of the past. Dog poop piles are no fun!

I bring this up because Sunday I brought the kids up to my cousin’s place near Morrisburg for Thanksgiving dinner. They have a few acres and a huge lawn and had made the hugest leaf pile. Bobby was all about that. Molly didn’t want to go in at first but warmed up to it. We took turns burying each other and dumping leaves on each other’s heads. After a while Molly and I got out and Bobby kept playing with one of my cousin’s kids. (Is that his second cousin? I don’t know how this works. I just tell him they are his cousins).

When I got home and out of my clothes there was a bunch of leaf pieces all over my bathroom floor. That stuff is almost like sand at the beach!

It was a really great time. Spending time with my family is good stuff and I like that I’ve been doing more of that lately. I also learned that I can purchase vanilla mudslides in a six pack. Thanks for that info family!

What is something you haven’t done for a long time that you wish you could or would do now?

Is it falling asleep in a pillow fort?

On this day:

In 2009 – Why do I list Feminism as in interest? Find out here!
In 2007 – I don’t remember why our real estate agent was coming over or why I would care about it so much.
In 2006 – This year I really half-assed my thanksgiving meal making. Here you will see one of my better ones but not the most awesome. I wish I had the money and mental capacity to plan in detail to have gone all-out this year but I didn’t so everything was ‘good’ but not ‘great’.
In 2005 – I think my favorite part of my wedding was the pie. I seriously made sketches of what it should look like. I even have a framed photo of it. I even had a test-pie made a year before the wedding. PIE!!!


5 Comments on “Doing fun things I used to do.”

  1. John de Jong says:

    You’ll never believe it, but I think the one thing I haven’t done in a long time that I wish I could or would do now is blog. Crap, I even bought a SquareSpace account to make me use it, and it is LANGUISHING, with draft post after draft post hanging around in TextEdit.

    Well, that or maybe play some soccer.

    • Tiana says:

      Just hit “publish”!!!

      • John de Jong says:

        I really should! Maybe I’ll take some time out to complete some thoughts and then just slam that button. It’s like what I do at work: if I don’t have a deadline I’ll just compulsively edit, picking away at a bit here, and a bit there, until it’s the masterwork I always thought it would be.

        (For now all I want to do is talk about rediscovering my love of Magic: The Gathering. Super-nerd that I am.)

        • Tiana says:

          You need to make friends with Jeff He is super into that as well. I’m only socially into it. Like “I smoke when I’m drinking” I play Magic if everyone else wants to.

          • John de Jong says:

            Totally! He should come over to my neck of the woods (well, the neck of the woods close to work) and draft at the store where I play! Like he said in that one post, even if you suck and lose all the time (like I feel I do) at least you get to have fun with friends.

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