A symbolic and functional gift (the best kind).

I was off work on medical leave for a few weeks right around moving time. A few days after moving, my good friend Jeff came over for some morning hangouts and breakfast. He brought Longan Nuts (which began Bobby’s obsession with Dragon Eyes) and I made bacon eggs and toast. I was buttering the toast by placing thin slices of cold butter on it and letting it melt when he asked if I had any out at room temperature.

I started to answer that I didn’t, that I preferred it cold, but I stopped myself. I had just realized that wasn’t true. I prefer it at room temperature but that leaving butter out on the counter bothered Brent so for years I had made due with it cold.

Last night Jeff came over to have supper with us and he brought a brick sized box wrapped in blue. The tag said something like “Here’s to having it her way”. I immediately assumed it was a vibrator. I was wrong. It was a beautiful, simple, functional, butter dish.

On this day:

In 2006 – I made ravioli totally from scratch! (ok, I BOUGHT the ricotta…) and I cry and cry
In 2005 – I was attacked by a squirrel


One Comment on “A symbolic and functional gift (the best kind).”

  1. that’s so sweet! i do not like cold butter. bleh. thankfully we both agree and have a permanent butter dish out.

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