The Hottest Spelling Bee in Town

We got to Raw Sugar last Saturday night at around 8pm and were greeted by a corseted woman asking for either a $10 cover or for participants to sign up for the Strip Spelling Bee. The rules were simple: three rounds of tough words; if the contestant gets their word wrong, off with a third of their clothes! (Undies, however, must remain.)

I paid, my date signed up and even got a free drink ticket out of it, which meant that I got a free drink ticket. Win!

The place filled up fast with lovers of spelling, stripping, and a slight twist of raunch.

Co-host Luna presented the word with origin and definition. If requested, co-host Sherwin would weave the word into a long and rambly paragraph smattered with quirky and awkward sexual imagery. The words were ridiculously difficult to spell, which was great because I (and most of the audience, I would suspect) was more interested in seeing people strip than hearing them spell words so complex I can’t even remember a single one of them, and the stripping did not disappoint! Spectators were encouraged to hoot and holler and the cheering was enthusiastic.

After Luna’s signature, bell ringing followed by a reverb-laden “You got it wroooong” *eyelash batt*, the saucy music started up and the contestants did their best to tantalise the audience as they shimmied, shook, and peeled off their layers. In fact, in addition to there being a prize for best speller, there was also an award for best stripper. I am happy to report that my date took home the latter prize — well deserved — and may even have re-enacted the winning performance for me later.


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