Things I’m excited about getting done.

1- Doing a really big grocery trip. I didn’t bring a lot of stuff with me. This morning on my commute to work I made a meal plan for tonight through to Saturday complete with a grocery list.

2- Waxing my eyebrows. There was an incident with a match…

3- Organizing my closet. I have a really nice walk-in closet and my unpacking consisted of dumping all my clothes out of boxes and onto the floor. About half of it has since been hung up. I want to finish that and organize my closet in a way that will make outfit putting togethering a fun endeavour.

4- I suppose this should really be a sub-category of item 1 but Cooking Meals. I have really only done it when the kids have been home. Tonight I will prep the crock pot for tomorrow’s supper and I’m going to try to make at least 3 dinners a week and one make-ahead item (like freezing a bunch of pancakes for breakfasts)

5- Watching dvds of shows I like. I don’t have many. I do want to catch up on Weeds. I don’t think I’ve seen the last three seasons. Does anybody have  this that I could borrow? Or any other awesome shows or movies I should see?


On this day:

In 2010 – and all that work progress was undone while I was away on mat-leave. Yay womanity.
In 2006 – an old wishlist of DVDs and books – I have since acquired about a third of the items
In 2005 – I reveal my biggest fear of the time. What is your biggest fear?


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