Living Lean

I built up a bit of debt thanks to the moving process and in trying to eliminate that and pay all my bills I’ll be tightening up on superfluous spending. This means less eating out (I have been doing a lot of this), putting off having cable installed for at least another month, choosing more efficient foods (complex carbs/proteins, lots of veggies, less meat etc) and holding off of ‘finishing touches’ kinds of things like a few new plants, picture frames and window coverings.

Thanks to the eating out and a few other factors I’ve packed on a few pounds so I think this cash turned food diet will help with that a little. I want to get back into the mode of eating when I need to instead of when I want to and eating things that nourish me instead of simply feed me. This is good stuff. I have a good kitchen and can make good food. I just need to get on the ball and do it.

I want to not be a lazy mom and to get back into writing about the kids. So much has happened since my last post, it’s kind of overwhelming.

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