Eviction papers served

In less than a week I’ll be having an abortion best timing ever right? Thanks Life!

There are two providers in town. One didn’t even call me back and the other had twenty days as the earliest opening. That’s twenty days of nausea, depression, extreme fatigue and general shittyness.

Luckily I was given diclectin to help with the nausea. I’d say it gives me a 70% reduction with those symptoms and as such is really helping stave off my usual first trimester depression (wherein I alternate between suicidal despair and wanting an abortion. I guess knowing I’m actually having an abortion might also be helping with that).

I’m off work with a medical certificate until October 1st. Which is great because if I had to deal with work on top of all of the stress that is my life right now I’m sure I’d be committed to the looney bin.

I’ve barely done anything around the house. I’m so grateful to all my moving helpers who really got everything done and put all my furniture together and placed the boxes in the appropriate places. If it weren’t for them I’d be sleeping on a pile of clothes next to my bed parts and the kids would each be in a bathtub instead of their own cute beds (although, adorably, they are both smooshed into Molly’s bed right now).

So I’ve been MIA from most aspects of life lately because I just really don’t give a fuck. When left to my own devices I just eat and sleep and repeat and that’s what I’ve been up to unless compelled to do otherwise by a loving person.

So the kids are asleep, that’s my cue to get to bed myself so I can have my requisite 18 or so hours that this mass of cells requires of me. I can’t not wait for eviction day.


One Comment on “Eviction papers served”

  1. Rachael says:

    I hope you are feeling better, and I’m sorry I missed this post earlier.

    Unexpected pregnancies are a bitch.

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