feeling gross

I’ve had a lingering cold for almost two weeks now. I’ve felt good for a couple days but this morning I woke up exhausted, grouchy, sore and with permeating nausea.

I made coffee and ate and went to work where I was accused o being pregnant. Impossible!!! I just finished my period less than a week ago and as far as the logistics of insemination, there is very minimal chance of that being a possibility.

I brushed it off but as the day wore off, the way I was feeling reminded me more and more of the early stages of pregnancy. So now I’m obviously paranoid and if I’m even remotely feeling like this in the morning it’s a mad dash to the pharmacy so I can pee on a stick.

On the other hand, given the fact that I am moving in just over a week and my life is about to change in very serious and long lasting ways, maybe my body is losing its fucking mind. Maybe I’m having some kind of physical manifestation of a slow onset and long lasting panic attack.

Or maybe I just have some kind of weirdo symptom shifting illness.

One Comment on “feeling gross”

  1. Libby says:

    That is the worst! The best thing about Brendon’s vasectomy is never having that “shit, am I pregnant?” feeling. But I’ll bet you anything it’s just stress. Once you’re out of there you’ll feel so much better, physically and otherwise.

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