I get by with a little help from my friends.

Wow folks wow! I first off would like to say thank you to those who responded so sportively and generously to my call for help. I’ve received more than enough boxes (or so I think), some things I’ll need for the new place and I’ve even been promised a lawnmower! On top of that, the offers for moving help and just general “if you need anything¬† just ask”s have really been great.

As things stand right now I have booked a moving truck for Saturday September 15th. I really need people to help me move furniture in to and out of it. If you can help please contact me, I can set up pick ups for people who have no easy way of getting to my place. I have the truck from 8am (let’s be realistic and say I’ll get it back to my place for 9am) and I need to drop it off at 6pm. I don’t imagine it would take the whole while but that’s the window in which I need a hand. Or ten hands.

Did you know that I’m super organized? I already have floor plans showing were most things go and the boxes that are packed are specific about where they need to end up. This will be a well-oiled moving machine.

As time has marched on I’ve made a list of the things I need for the new place. If you can gift me any of these, I would be grateful. Otherwise, consider it as my own personal list.

  • garbage cans for indoor use (two for bathrooms one for kitchen)
  • a brush for washing dishes
  • soap for the dishwasher
  • glass cleaner
  • two shower curtains
  • two bath mats
  • kid appropriate dishes and cups
  • garbage bags
  • compost bags
  • curtains for every friggin’ window

This list is not overwhelming. Except for the curtains! I’m sure I’ll IKEA that.

On this day:

In 2007 – I did try it with hemp milk and my body rejected it.
In 2005 – winning and candy


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