Bummed. This is going to be annoying, I’m sure.

I’m pretty sure I have delayed emotional reactions. I was all “Yeah that makes total logistical sense. See ya!” and then later I felt “but that makes me feel soooooo saaaaaaad”.

Shawn gets back a day later (and gets travel perks because of it). But because of other life stuff, I don’t get to pick him up from the airport with the super awesome sign I made (like really – this is the stuff sign dreams are made of) and I don’t get to see him for TWO days and I likely won’t be there when he discovers all the stuff I did to his space. I am less than stoked.

I really suck at delayed gratification and this has been SO delayed that another two days feels like years right now. Also I create scenarios about how things are going to go (based on facts, not craziness) and then get bummed when they don’t happen. Dear self: LIVE IN THE MOMENT.

On the positive side this frees up my night to possibly have a date with New Young Dude. We shall see. [edit] CONFIRMED! yay!

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