I’m developing an addiction.

It’s been maybe two months since I started swimming laps over my lunch breaks. The frequency varies from once to three times a week (or non when I’m on vacation).

The first few times were really hard. I would have to take a break at the half way point of the half-laps I was swimming. I was super winded. I didn’t think I could go on. The breaks were pretty long. Sometimes up to 5 minutes. It took me about 40 minutes to do 10 half-laps. Then after some time it took me 40 minutes to do 15. So my breaks were getting shorter.

My body was becoming stronger. I could notice some change in shape. Now I don’t see much change in shape but I see a much greater change in ability. Yesterday, I swam 15 half-laps in 20 minutes. I took breaks after full laps and they were just long enough for some mild stretches then off I went again.

I no longer feel sore all over the next day. I actually miss that feeling. I’m going to up my laps by five today if I can have the stamina to keep from drowning. Maybe then my muscles will feel the burn that they have begun to crave.

If that doesn’t work I feel like it will be time try something that introduces a new type of movement to my body.


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