How to ask for help? Being up front.

I need help. Your help.

Some of you already know this but many of you don’t; Brent and I are splitting up.

It’s not nasty or bitter. We are doing everything we can to focus on how to make this easy and happy for the kids.

As a consequence, I’ll be moving on September 15 & 16th, only a few minutes drive away. I am not a fan of moving and there are a lot of costs associated with doing it the way I like (that would be packing the small stuff and hiring movers to take big stuff apart, move it and put it back together). At this point, these are costs I can not afford.

So this is a call-out for some help. I know a lot of you are very helpful people so I’m going to put up a list of the things I need help with and if you are available to lend a hand or give a gift or even just a high five for support, let me know. I understand that everyone is busy with their own lives and I do not plan to usurp any of that or to take advantage of anyone’s charity

-I need boxes. Boxes I can carry. The size of a disposable diaper box is probably my upper limit for size. If you have some, I want them! I will pick them up!

-I need a big van. If you have a van or a truck I can borrow for a day, please let me know. If you have a coupon for a van rental that you don’t need, pass it along!

-I need help moving furniture. Contrary to what you would expect, I can not carry a sofa all by my own self. If you have two relatively useful arms and an ok back and a bit of time on your hands, help me out? This would be taking place on September 15th or 16th during the day. I would be happy to offer up party times in the evening for helpers.

-I need bedroom stuff for the kids. I need new beds. I’m looking for a bunk bed or two single beds and mattresses. Do you have one hiding in your basement you’d sell for a good price? I need a dresser the kids can actually use themselves. The old one I have, I can barely open in under 5 minutes.

-I don’t need help packing but help UNPACKING would be fantastic. No specific time requirement. If you want to come hang out and are interested in rummaging through my stuff, have at it.

-I like to get rid of the grime from previous tenants. I need cleaning supplies! Do you have coupons or half empty bottles of cleaners you won’t use? Pass them to me! Do you have sponges and scrub brushes out the wazoo? I could use one or two. Do you like to get a new place sparkling clean? Come on over and help get it done! Do you have a couple rolls of toilet paper and a cup of laundry soap you can donate so I don’t have to buy all these supplies all at once? I plan on doing this in the first week after moving. Same deal as unpacking.

-I may or may not paint. I like to live among colours I prefer to those existing but *sigh*…. painting….

-some things I need for the place:
Two laundry baskets
Two bath mats
Garbage cans
Two shower curtains
Lawn mower

Have some you want to gift me?

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3 Comments on “How to ask for help? Being up front.”

  1. ~untangled~ says:

    Oh my god, I have been out of the loop. I’m shocked. I hope you are OK. I’m not sure what I can help with. I’ve printed out this post to go through and see what I might be able to help with. If there is ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING that you do need send me a DM on FB and I will do whatever I can. Lori

  2. […] I first off would like to say thank you to those who responded so sportively and generously to my call for help. I’ve received more than enough boxes (or so I think), some things I’ll need for the […]

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