Unexpected search terms that land people on my blog

In order of most to least used:

baby puke (also: baby ~puke & pukes projectil- This I attribute to Bobby and his reflux and his tendency to puke all over me and my tendency to post photos of this

foto boby dragon boys – wth? I’m tempted to google this just to find out what it is but I’m kind of scared

almonds taste bad – when they have gone bad

quebecroads – typo and all!

birthday cake for lover – I do make great cakes and am an excellent lover

fear and loathing in las vegas hunter s thompson costume – thanks to Bobby’s awesome fashion sense

ennema bloat – I don’t even know. I have never given nor received an enema

honey is bee shit – honey is bee vomit. get it right people!

one eyed pugs – I bet this happens a lot because their eyeballs stick out farther than the rest of their faces

downfalls of pregnancy – they are extensive

Then there are the ones that are clearly some kind of fetish stuff:

licking girl ass hole, polish the butt hole, sperm puke, vaginapie, bath time picture with mom, zucchinis on weight benches

On this day:

In 2007 – A visit to my cottage in the days before almond milk was readily available all over the place
In 2006 – My review of Van Morrison and an experience with a ghost
In 2005 – What do you think heaven is like and also did you know that I randomly drool?


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