A woman of a certain age

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the ‘common sense’ that women hit their sexual peak in their mid thirties. I’m definitely floating around there age-wise so I’ve started to look in to it. Is there any science behind this?

Not really. Measurable things like hormone levels (peaking in mid twenties) and frequency of sex (that depends on the person but from what I’ve read that peaks around the mid to late twenties) are some indicators but here’s the debate; Is the sexual peak (or prime) about how often you do it or about how good it is?

I would totally rather do it once and it be mind-blowing than five times and just be great. I think most women would agree about this. And this is where I think age and experience become greater factors than hormone levels and frequency.

‘Everyone knows’ that a woman’s orgasm is a journey. It’s unlikely that she came easily or even reached orgasm at all when first becoming sexually active. It stands to reason that with age and experience and a greater self-awareness and confidence, orgasm would become more easily attainable. And the more a woman knows about how to get there, the more pleasure can be experienced along the way.

I think this whole sexual peak/prime thing isn’t actually a life-stage but really an individual maturation. I’d say it’s the period in your life when you are most comfortable with yourself and your body and willing to explore your sexuality in the ways you find most gratifying.

What do you think? Have you peaked? Have you slumped?

On this day:

In 2005 – “My favourite part of a hot day like today is getting home and taking off all my sticky clothes and chillin’ in panties.”


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