Back when I was one of the few people I knew with internet access…

I used to spend a lot of time online. HAHAHA. OK I still do. I mean back when I was an early teen. That doesn’t seem weird NOW but at the time, few people my age (that I knew of) had regular access to the internet.

I remember my dad’s computer ‘talking’ to another computer as early as 1988 (ish) so this is something I really grew up with in a pre-AOL kind of way.


My parent’s split when I was going from grade 7 to 8. I lived with my dad for the second half of 10th grade and in that time my online experience really flourished. When I lived with my mom, I did not have internet access. My dad was an electrical engineer. He was into this whole INVENTING THE INTERNET kind of stuff so when I look back on it now, his set up was pretty advanced.

At that time in my life, I was moody and going through a lot of turmoil. I lived in the loft of my dad’s warehouse for his framing business. There were no windows. I’d come home from school and immediately fall asleep until about 8pm. Then I’d eat some raw cookie dough and do whatever homework I absolutely HAD to do. Then around 11pm I’d head down to the computer and start poking around online. I had a geocities page most likely dedicated to my love of Nirvana. I’d eat cookies while checking out chat rooms where people were talking about stupid crap or trying out cyber-sex.

I was using NETSCAPE as a browser. GOOGLE was not a popular search engine, nor a verb.

Back in those days, you could look up mundane words and there was no telling what that would turn up. Searching “the sun” didn’t necessarily pull up anything about our solar system.

One evening I decided to look up “squirrel”. Of course, there was nothing about squirrels. What I did find, maybe about one page of results in was a strange website called Burn This Flag (which I can not find now) and within that, a zine called CRANK. And oh how I loved reading that. There weren’t many issues but I read every single word within them. It was hilarious and macabre. It was a thing I found and that nobody else I knew even had an inkling of.

To this day, there are a few pieces that still stick with me. I was recently reminded of this and fortunately I found the entire library archived online!  I moved from my dad’s place and away from regular internet access before issues 5-7 were published so I see that I have some reading to do.

Won’t you join me?

On this day:

In 2008 – Am I a MILF?
In 2006 – Someday I’ll get my hands on the Deptford Trilogy
In 2005 – I have no recollection of any of these events so that’s kind of funny.



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