Lift List Progress Report

Since I compiled my Life List, I’ve started the journey of completing some of the items. The following details what I’ve been up to.

3. Learn to carve

My friend Jonathan lent me his wood carving knives and I’ve been trying them out a bit on some pieces of wood I found in the garage. Nothing elaborate or even all that good. Just seeing what each different knife can do.

I’ve also bought one issue of a carving magazine but I still haven’t looked at it.

More importantly, I’ve signed up for an actual real carving class! It starts mid-September and runs in to December. It’s 3 hours a week at Shenkman and I’m very very excited about it!

After my wood carving course is complete, I may consider travelling to Montreal once a week to learn more about sculpting produce. It seems like a good idea because this whole idea started with the joy that came from carving pumpkins.

4. Learn to be present in my body

I have a long way to go for this but I do find that the lap swimming I’ve been doing over my lunch breaks and my bicycling for fun and for transporting the children is really helping with this. I want to put my body through a few different things to increase it’s vocabulary of movement and strengthen it in a variety of ways. I think this will eventually incorporate some form of dance (like a super beginner class of something) or maybe a return to Pilates. Time will tell.

9. Skinny dip somewhere other than my back yard

16. Read and appreciate some good poetry

This one is tough for me. I don’t know what’s good. The only ‘poetry’ I ever enjoyed in any English class I took was Shakespeare. I’ve signed up for a couple of those “A Poem A Day” email lists but I’m underwhelmed. Do you have any recommendations for a small, easy to digest, book of poetry? Can be French or English.

17. Have better posture

This is closely tied to item 4. It’s getting better but it’s still far off. I need to redevelop my core strength and be mindful of my body and how it is interacting with space.

19. Take more self-portraits with my real camera

I’ve started doing this in the last few weeks. I need to turn it into a project to really get into it. I wish my better camera didn’t totally die. The one I have now is good but I don’t understand it’s intricacies as well.

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