I stood, nude and brazen, in the centre.

I thought I would have been more nervous than I was, which was pretty much not at all. I think it helped that I have been to a few similar drawing workshops and knew it shouldn’t be awkward. My biggest worry was if my body would cooperate with being still for the poses.

The first was 30 minutes, followed by 45 minutes then an hour.

The first was a relatively simple standing pose. I don’t have the most awesome balance so I chose this for the shortest pose. My left thigh did the most of the work on this one so I resolved to ensure I’d give it a break for the next pose.

Pose one

drawn by Daniel Northcott

The second one was my favorite as it was the most challenging physically, due to the pose I chose and the prop (an oar that I held mid-stroke as I balanced on one knee and one foot). This was an exercise in mindfulness. My mind slightly wandered at times but I tried to keep my eyes on my chosen focal point and constantly check in with my various muscle groups, ensuring they stayed as still as possible. My muscles would burn and I relished in the sensation. Most of the fire was in my upper arms and shoulders.

Pose 2

drawn by Daniel Northcott

Pose 2

drawn by Daniel Northcott

Pose 2
Drawn by Shawn Philip Hunsdale

The third pose was at once the most comfortable and the most painful. I sat in a position in which I normally do, however, after approximately 35 minutes, the lower half of my right leg had gotten so numb it began to scream in pain. The remainder of my body felt mostly totally fine. During the rest of the pose I had to take a moment to stretch it out, rub my calf and replace it as closely as I could to where it was. Then over the next few minutes I would start to regain sensation, then I’d get that horrible DO NOT MOVE OR TOUCH THIS PART OF ME feeling, which was ok, because my goal was not to move anyway. For a few minutes after that it would feel just fine and then moments after that, dead numbness again. At one point I couldn’t even wiggle my toe! This happened about three times.

Pose 3

drawn by Daniel Northcott

Pose 3

drawn by Daniel Northcott

Pose 3

drawn by Daniel Northcott

Pose 3

drawn by Daniel Northcott

Pose 3
Drawn by Shawn Philip Hunsdale who assures me I’m not actually this wide.

Then the pose was done and I had to sit on the side of the platform for a few minutes because I couldn’t use my leg at all. During this time a few people came to show me their work. It was really cool to see and no one (that showed me their stuff) made me look bad so yay! Some people had done one drawing per pose while others elected to move about he room several times and make many drawings from different perspectives.

Between each pose there was a 5-10 minute break where I got to eat orange slices and mill about and peek at papers and talk about my holiday music choices. It was very comfortable. About 10 minutes after the last pose I became SO INCREDIBLY COLD! I went to get dressed (from being in a robe) and still cold. I went outside in the 28 is degree weather and still cold. i had to go home and put on sweats to warm up. Which worked.

This is absolutely, hands-down, something I would do again. What better than a body-mind challenge that can produce cool looking art?

POS3S is held on Tuesdays at the Sandy Hill Community Centre
6pm-8:30 pm
It costs $4 but is free for high school students.

Apparently, this price includes all you can eat orange slices. Not a bad deal.

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6 Comments on “I stood, nude and brazen, in the centre.”

  1. T says:


  2. KG says:

    I love your strength and courage. This is so amazing!

  3. so seriously awesome and like whoa nice rack!! 🙂

  4. kalyn says:

    These are beautiful! And mementos of your bravery! 🙂

  5. Rachael says:

    I don’t know if I’d want to see someone else’s artistic view of me. My own view of me is already so skewed, I’m not sure I’d handle it very well if it weren’t flattering.

    And of course, in my mind, it wouldn’t be.

    But this is so awesome. I was sad I didn’t get hired to do this at the technical college here, but I don’t do well with mind/body challenges, so it was probably for the best LOL

  6. […] Well I’m doing it again! This time, however, I won’t be alone. I’ll get to pose with a dude I met last week. We are meeting today at lunch to discuss the theme will will be working with. […]

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