Nuding it up in semi-public

When it comes down to it, the point of my life list (now just updated with one more item) is to make sure I have a great life. It’s to make sure I do the things I need to love myself and others and feel like I’m living life to my fullest while pushing myself and conquering any relevant-to-my-life fears. I’m really ok with being scared of tornadoes for the rest of my life.

I saw this book trailer the other day and thought it was fairly appropriate.

Although it isn’t a life list item, in a few weeks I’ll be posing nude for a life drawing workshop. It will be an accomplishment for sure. I have some fears and concerns:

  1. How will my body hold up to being still for those long stretches. Can I do it?
  2. I want to be interesting and not boring. (My need to be the best at everything)
  3. I want to be as banging as possible. (Again, my need to be the best at everything)

I have some time to get a handle on all this. Apparently I get to have some kind of training session on not being boring. That’s good. What do YOU think would be an interesting pose and yet be maintainable for any length of time? I think the rest of it involves strengthening my body which is something that I was super into before being pregnant with Molly. At that time, I went to the gym five days a week and did mostly weight training with a bit of cardio. Now, as with earlier in my life, I’m more interested in things that are more fun.

I weight train at home twice a week (when Brent has evening plans because I don’t like to be observed and not joined). I bike ride around my neighbourhood when I can get away from home, and now and then at other times. I just bought a double bike trailer at a severe discount as well so I’ll be dragging the kids around with me from now on.  I recently learned that swimming at the pool at work is free for me so I plan on doing lane swims 2-3 times a week over my lunch break. I did that once so far and it was hard!  I really enjoyed it though and my muscled were aching in that “I really did something great” way. Since Bobby was born my ‘swimming’ has been standing in the shallow end helping kids not drown.

It’s not the first time I’ll be naked in front of people in a non-sexual way. Jeff took photos of me when I was pregnant, but I hardly felt nude. It was like wearing a suit made of flesh and fetus. I was also totally naked in front of a bunch of people, family members, medical staff etc, for several hours while giving birth two times. Does that count? I also recently went skinny dipping but it wasn’t exactly like being observed in detail by a room full of people recording the state of my body onto paper for all time or until there is a mass flood or fire or something.

I really like the feeling I get from being scared to do something and just doing it anyway though. Maybe that will eventually work up to chasing tornadoes for funsies. HAHAHA OMG NO.

On this day:

In 2009 – having relations with graph paper
In 2007 – this is what made me stop eating meat (Molly fetus is what got me started again)


2 Comments on “Nuding it up in semi-public”

  1. slizzrdaly says:

    hahaha, this entry is hilarious.

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