I was riding a borrowed bicycle.

I didn’t know the way so I was following as we went from busy city streets to bicycle paths that went through the deepest darkest woods and tunnels and would come out again along the gloriously lit river.

(I didn’t realize how afraid I was of being in an unfamiliar place in near total darkness. I think it’s from years of society telling me not to do that or else I’d be raped and it would totally be my fault. FYI no matter the circumstance, it would NEVER be my fault.)

We got to a place where a clearing met some dark and unlit woods. We tied our bikes to a tree and used the glow from our phones to try and see the path through the brush that leads to a secluded area of the river. It was steep at times and luckily I had a shoulder to grab on to while I found my footing.

At the bottom, there was an area with flat stones and a few less trees and only the stars and the city offered a break from blackness. A few other friends were already in the water. We slipped out of our clothes and made our way in.

At first the bottom was rocky but soon it became mucky, the type of sludge that sucks a person in down to their knees. At this point, swimming in the foot and a half of water was a better option. The water was deep but every now and then I’d find a rock or a log on which to rest. Otherwise I treaded water or floated as best I could, trying not to get the river water on my face.

When it was just about time to go, a couple of us came upon a log planted vertically and coming up to within about 20″ of the surface. We took turns trying to stand straight upon it, like a statue rising out of the water. What a challenge! After a couple of tries, I got a handle on it and feeling quite accomplished, I swam back to shore.

We dried off, got back into our clothes and climbed out of the woods and back to the bikes. We cycled back a different way, a way with less treacherous dark places and showered off the toxic radioactive goo before it had a chance to incite the growth of extra limbs.

It was a fantastic experience. I’m glad I did it and I would TOTALLY do it again.

9. Skinny dip somewhere other than my back yard.

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  1. […] I was riding a borrowed bicycle. […]

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