Chafed ovaries

The other thing that’s chafing my ovaries tonight:

For the past week, Brent has been dealing with this thing at work that understandably, has been taking up a lot of his time and headspace. He’s been totally off on his own planet at home and when I came home today I told him that I needed attention from him and we had a little chat about it and it was all good.

But then over the course of the evening (at a family restaurant with our families to celebrate Bobby’s birthday, and then after at home) he made some comments to me that I’m sure we’re meant in a ‘hey I’m thinking about you in a sexy way’ kind of way but came off as really disrespectful, in my opinion. And it bugs me. Because that’s not what I was looking for and Brent KNOWS that kind of stuff bugs me but he chooses to say it anyway. And that bothers me way more than the saying of it, to be honest.

I mean, at no point in our relationship has there been a positive reception to this stuff and there have been several times I’ve specifically said I didn’t like it so what gives? It’s ignoring my feelings about it that sucks.

I’m exhausted from today so I don’t know of I’m explaining this in a coherent manner. Doesn’t matter really, I just need to purge it from my brain so I can sleep and now that is done so slumber land, here I come!


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