Best Friends

I have some. My friends are really great and they are all different and they all bring different things to the table that is My Life.

Some of them intuitively know when shit is going weird in my life and send me helpful messages to let me know they are there for me.

Some of them just listen.

Some of them just talk.

Some of them ask pertinent questions that make me think about things in new ways.

Some of them ask silly questions that make us laugh.

Some of them have shit going weird in their lives and I let them know that I am there for them.

Some of them have opinions that are similar to mine.

Some of them have opinions that are opposite to mine.

This huge array of people help me define myself. If I disagree with someone, why is that? Are they wrong? Am I wrong? I’ll need to examine that. I get to listen and be heard. I get to laugh and to cry. I get to support and be supported.

I am a reflection of the network of people I’ve created to be a part of my life.


On this day:

In 2006 – organist
In 2005 – sexy ice cubes


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