My life list – things to accomplish to have a satisfying life

I’ve gone ahead and made myself one of those super trendy life lists (aka a bucket list… does one keep it in a bucket? I dunno) that all the cool kids are making these days.

I went about it by thinking of things I actually WANT and am EXCITED about doing. I’ve started thinking of goals before in my life but a lot of the time it ends up being a list of things I think I SHOULD do. And that ends up feeling like work. And work sucks. I didn’t populate it with things I could only accomplish if I got heavily subsidized by lottery winnings or some fantastic sugar daddy. I chose things that are realistic, and will make me happy and that I can do. That said, if you are a person in my life who has the inclination and the capability to help me accomplish one of these things, just offer!

I put the list over on this page. I plan to add to it and remove accomplished items over time.

What would you put on your life list?

On this day:

In 2010 – the texture of reduced fat yogurt
In 2009 – the symptoms of rubella
In 2008 – photos of (gigantic!!!) me at my baby shower (sausage fingers)
In 2007 – probably the best post ever written about sports because it’s not actually ABOUT sports
In 2006 – mattress shopping is great! lying around for research is fun


One Comment on “My life list – things to accomplish to have a satisfying life”

  1. Rachael says:

    It’s a list you make of things you want to do before you “kick the bucket.”. Lol

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